Vacation 1998

Lestat & Brandy would like to share a couple of photos from their vacation with me this summer. In each of these pics, ironically, Brandy is the dobe on the left and Lestat is on the right... of course, in his opinion, he is just always "Right". <g>

This was taken on the 4th of July, 1998, when they received their new 'danners for the holiday!

Don't they just look so gorgeous??? They were so proud walking about the campground (amid the awful and biting bug while slathered in Skin-So-Soft oil) on the 4th of July. They just love to get new 'danners.

Here is a picture from their only hike with us. Lestat wasn't up to too much, unfortunately. This was taken at the base of Fall Creek Falls in Pikeville, TN. They are a lovely set of falls which aren't really in perspective. They falls are 256 feet tall (about 60 feet taller than Niagara Falls). The rock the dogs are sitting on is about 30 feet above the ground at the base of the falls and if it helps, the water at the base had people floating in it and cooling off earlier in the day:

Brandy & Lestat

(adorned in 'danners, as usual <g>)

Finally, we have to have at least one corny picture. After my friend and I went whitewater rafting, we purchased hats from the company we rafted with... and, well... you can guess what happened next:

Yeah! We're Bad!

Well, that's it for now... thanks for visiting.
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Brandy & Lestat