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 Hi, I'm Lestat de Lioncourt II.  I was an adoption dog who was seven months old when I found my human soulmate, Dawn.  There were those who saw me and thought it would not be safe to adopt an older dobe.  They naively thought that I couldn't bond with them since I was not a puppy.  Thank God Dawn did not listen to such idiots who told her the same thing.  We go everywhere together, this picture was taken when we went hiking on vacation.  (Yes, those are boots on my feet and yes, I AM a Bengals fan).  Anyway, I thought it was time to dispel a couple of dobe myths that we've been told over the years... maybe then we can help other dobes find homes or just help their human companions realize that they can expect more from us than they ever realized.

There are some myths which simply don't even deserve to be acknowledged, but one, I just can't resist mentioning:  It is simply NOT true that dobes' brains grow too big for their narrow heads, explode as a result, and drive the dog crazy in the process.... Why wouldn't greyhounds, afghans, and dachsunds suffer from the same problem, eh?  Not as smart as a dobe????  Well, that may be true. <g>

So, to start with... I love small critters and animals.  I was raised with a bossy parrot, but I still like her.  We have some nice conversations and she even tosses me treats

Of course, you say that we knew each other since we were young.  But, then how do you explain this?  My Aunt Dara's cat, Moon Unit aka Boo-Boo Kitty, came to live with us for a short while while Dara was in Alabama on a job.  I'd never had a cat before and she'd never met a dog either.  By the time she left, I kept trying to convince Dawn to let me keep her.   While there are some dogs that cannot get along with cats, for many of us, all you have to do is properly introduce us and we can get along just great.  Still don't believe me?  Well, seeing is believing:

Okay... here's another falsehood... Someone once told Dawn that Dobes can't swim without a lifevest because our chests are too deep and our legs are too long and skinny to balance.  Yeah right!  They also said that we hate swimming.  Oh yeah???  

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