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updated November 30, 2012

The Official Guide to the pages for my Doberman Gang
and my Fine Feathered Family, too!

Here are my various websites, for each of my non-human family members. Soon, I hope to add sites pertaining to my other interests, like Tae kwon do, Yoga, Cycling, Hiking, Camping and more. But, this is a good start anyway, eh?



HOT Dawn's How to Dremel Dog Nails Page

Bicycling with your Dobe Page

Dawn and Lestat's Doberman Myths Page

COMING SOON: Dawn and Lestat's Veterinary Acupuncture Page


Dawn and Lestat's Dobe Page with links to related Dog and Doberman informative sites, including health, obedience, and social groups.

Brandy's Arrival and Play Page with pictures of her arrival and playing.

Brandy's Agility Page with pictures of her doing what she loves best and some helpful links to more information on Agility!

COMING SOON: Duke & Zatara's Pages - the newest members of our family and the most recently departed. They are loved and missed!

Thanks to U.D. dropping hosting services with no notice, I am having to move all my pages. This will be up again soon, or at least by Christmas: Our Internet Christmas Card to each of you!

Lestat and Brandy's Vacation 1998 Page


Page Temporarily Down due to NBCi hosting service cancellation: Devon, the Freestyle Dancing Doberman! ~ who performed at the D.P.C.A. 2001 National in Cincinnati, Ohio - N.Ky. with his owner, Mary Waugh.

The Doberman Pinscher Club of America ("D.P.C.A.")

The Miami Valley Doberman Pinscher Club - Host Club of the D.P.C.A 2001 National!

Dawn's Dobe Links Page to many other Dobe-related Pages of friends, breeders, and more


COMING SOON: Tiki's Web Page - My Congo African Grey

COMING SOON: Freckles' Web Page - My Cockatiel and the smallest member of our happy family

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