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Welcome to Dawn's Doberman Home Page

Welcome to the home of Dawn, Lestat, Brandy, and Tiki! We're glad you stopped by!

HI THERE! As you guessed from the above, I'm Dawn, and I am the happy companion of Lestat de Lioncourt II aka "Statters", a handsome Doberman Pinscher, in my humble opinion, despite his "bat ears", and a new lovely DoberLady, Brandy who has perfect ears. Though I have many hobbies and interests, including Dog Obedience Competition, African Grey Parrots, Tae Kwon Do, Hiking, Camping, Yoga and more... this page is pretty well dedicated to my main hobby - Dobes, and most particularly My Dobes, Lestat and Brandy. Well, Brandy has her own page which you visit via a hyperlink below.... This is Lestat's page and...

So, now meet My Lestat:



Admit it, isn't he handsome? Why not dedicate a page just to him????

Lestat does share a couple of my hobbies, especially hiking with me. Here we are at a beautiful spot we discovered a few years ago:


If you've lost a canine companion recently, you may find comfort in the story of the Rainbow Bridge or you may want to post a tribute picture. Click here to visit:
Rainbow Bridge

If you are also into obedience showing and training for any breed, you might want to check out these obedience websites:
The Official AKC Obedience Regulations

The Obedience Home Page

If you own a dobe, you've already discovered that they are a very high energy breed and require a lot of exercise to remain happy and healthy. I've found it is almost impossible to give them enough exercise on foot... I'm not in that kind of shape. But, there is a wonderful activity that my dobes and I share... it's bicycling. There are some products which I use to enable us to enjoy this sport together. Also, you should first train and condition your dog for it. I've got a web page which relates some of the things I've learned about cycling with dobes and showing the products that I've had good experiences with... so, if you're interested, please check it out: :
Bicycling with Your Dobe

If you like the bordered doberman wallpaper on this page (small brag: which I made! ), I highly recommend the following website. It has an excellent tutorial and that is how I learned to make it. In fact, the webmaster of that page gave me a few tips on how to improve it and plans to use the wallpaper I created as part of a future tutorial. (I'm kinda proud of that). Anyway, her page is:
The Land of Enchantment

Both of my dobes are rescues. They are the most wonderful dogs and friends! There are many more dobes out there needing homes. If you'd like to learn more about Doberman Rescue, please email me! There is a link below on this page. In the meantime, if you'd like to visit Lestat's new playmate and cohort (my latest rescue girl), Brandy, just click on the picture of her lovely face:

If you'd like to see the rest of my roommates and dispel a few doberman myths, just click on the picture of Lestat with his new favorite toy:

Now, why not not visit our Main Page with links to lots of other great doberpages,
including sites on How to Bike with Your Dobe and How to Dremel Nails?
Just click on the following picture of my chatty Doberpal and cohort, Brandy,
She's saying: "Hey check it out!":

The Dynamic Doberduo, Lestat & Brandy aka "the Tag Team", and I would like to know who stopped by and what you thought of our page. So, leave us a message by clicking on Dawn~n~Lestat. Talk to me!

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