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Hi, I'm Brandy! It's awfully nice to meet you.

Brandy's Story

Brandy, like many rescues, did not have the greatest start in life. She was placed in a home that seemed to be a good one by her breeder. But, it did not turn out to be so. She was kept living outside in the country with a number of other dogs and came into rescue loving but scared, thin, and cowering... also terrified of thunderstorms.


That's Brandy when she arrived to live with us.

You think she looks thin? Well, that was after she'd already been

in rescue for a few weeks and Ed had been trying to fatten her up.

After months of working with her, she became more confident, playful, and ... of course, well-nourished. But, there always seemed to still be something missing. She was always such a serious and sometimes sad girl.

We started doing Obedience training together to build our relationship and her confidence. My eldest male, Lestat, had LOVED Obedience. He lived to do it. His light came on when you took out his training leash (He doesn't train anymore because of Wobblers... but that's another story). Brandy learned very fast at home with me (I used to teach obedience.). But, she seriously "shut down" in the training hall setting, cowering intimidated by it and so we had to train on our own for a year, building her confidence. After that, she adjusted and training went well even in "the dreaded Hall". But, she never really "took" to it. She'd do it, but not enjoy it really. This was a major contrast to my Lestat. However, she did seem to enjoy high jumping with me:

So, we decided to try agility and ... WOW!!!!! I'd never seen Brandy light up like that from the inside... the "something missing". Not for food. Not for toys. Not for Lestat or me or company or affection. Not for ANYTHING! With Agility, the spark was lit and gleamed in her eyes! She grinned continuously.

She worked, or should I say played, at Agility virtually tirelessly... and still does when it's not freezing outside. ::smile:: Truly, it is the only time she's 100% care-free and happy!!!

So, here are some pics of Brandy doing what she loves best and then some links at the bottom of the page:

That's Brandy going over the Bar Jumps we made.



Concentrating hard on the dog walk.



Good Spot... right in the target zone!



That was fun in there, Ma!

Some dogs don't like dark tunnels? Really?????



Gotta love that tire!


Well, those are all the pictures we have for now... more will come. Have no doubts!!!

Now, as far as I am concerned, almost everything you could want to know about Agility can be found on or linked to the Dogpatch Agility page. It has info on books, training, sources for equipment, instructions on how to build your own equipment and so much more. With such a comprehensive page on the net, why try to do anything more like it here?

So, to get there, just click on the link below. You can see Brandy right there actually reading their page and watching all the goings on it has. <g>:

The Dog Patch Agility PagePicture of Brandy

To visit the rest of our pages, including such topics

as How to Bike with your Dobe and How to Dremel nails, just click on Brandy's face:

Picture of Brandy linking to main page

Looking forward to seeing you again!!!

Dawn, Lestat, Brandy & Duke

Plus Tiki the Tyrant parrot!

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