There Are So Many Wonderful Doberman Web Pages on the Internet Now That We Decided to Dedicate An Entire Page Just to Listing Their Links For You!

Updated November 5, 2001

The following are links to a wide variety of Doberman Pages. If you would like me to add your page, and if your page in NO WAY supports or advocates the ALBINO DOBERMAN (sometimes referred to by its breeders as "white"), then please write me and let me know the address and how you would like it to be called on this page. Also, indicate under what category it should go. If your page is listed here, and you would like to change the name, category or remove it, just ask! Also, I try to check my links from time to time, to make sure they're still valid. But, I don't always have time to check them all. So, if you encounter a problem with a link, please let me know.
Now, Happy Browsing!

Doberman Club Pages:

The Doberman Pinscher Club of America ("D.P.C.A.")
The Miami Valley Doberman Pinscher Club - Host Club of the D.P.C.A 2001 National!

Doberman Email List Group Pages:

Doberworld List
Showdobes List
Cyberdobes List

Doberman Magazine Pages:

Total Dobe
Doberman Quarterly

Doberman Rescue Pages:

Columbus Ohio Dobe Rescue
Second Chance Dobes in South Michigan

Fun and Activities Pages:

Flyball Home Page - though not a Dobe page, this is a great dobe sport! Check it out!

The Dogpatch Agility Page - also not a Dobe page, but this is a also great dobe sport and this site is very thorough
DoberDawn and Brandy's Agility Page - pictures of my Dobergal doing Agility and LOVING it!

Health and Information Pages:

Storm's (blue dobe) home page - and how to keep that blue coat!
DoberDawn's How To Dremel Dog Nails and How to Bike with your Dobe Pages
Louise's Doberman Info Center

Personal Dobe Pages:

DobeDave's Dobe Page
Amy Head's Dobe Page
LdyByron's Home Page
Another Dobe Page
Ken Hackney's Dobe Page
Judith Van Noate's General Dog Information MetaSite
Michele Fischer-Paul's Jessica
Michele Fischer-Paul's RosieJed

Breeders Pages:

Equinox Dobermans
Terra Dell's Home Page
Meroke Dobes
Kerioakdobes - Home of the Mad Englishwoman and Dobes With Tails as Nature Intended
Apollo's Doberpages
SkyLocke Dobe Page
CaraVista Dobes Homepage
Marge Sheote's MaRich Dobes

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DoberDawn's Main Index Page

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